Submission Information

For people who do want to submit for prizes, you can do so on Devpost at!

Here’s a video explaining how to submit a project to Devpost.

Try and include as much detail as possible, as this will help our judges understand your project! Include photos and other resources that will help us. We won’t have time to download them and run them so pictures that show them working will help show off your project. If it’s difficult to demo your project, try and simulate it or show what it could achieve if used in the correct environment.

We’re also letting you submit video demos for our live streamed Demofest, but don’t worry - if you don’t want to submit a video, it won’t count against your chances when being judged!

Judging Criteria

This will be the criteria that we will be using when we’re going through the projects. Try and write about each one of these points in your Devpost submission!


How well does it solve the problem, how much would it impact.


How close to completion is it? Proof of concept/prototype/actually live.

Design, UI and UX

How easy is it for people to use.


How well are tools and technologies being used.


How original is your project, is it a unique problem that it solves.

Video Submission

If you’re interested in making a video for Demofest on our live stream, send us your video here!

We want to see your project working, so take a recording on your phone, or a screen recording of it in action!

We won’t be showing demos on our live stream that are PowerPoint presentations.