How does Checkpoint work?

There are 3 different checkpoints, for each region (EU, NA, and APAC) so that everyone can get involved!

Have a look at our schedule to find out when the next Checkpoint is!

Everyone will join a Discord voice channel, with each team getting 3 minutes to show off the current state of their project.

Don’t worry if you haven’t done much, or if it doesn’t work! It’s a perfect opportunity to get some good insight from other hackers, and get help from others too!

Information for Organisers

There is a role on Discord called Checkpoint Speaker that are used for Checkpoint. Users can obtain this role by reacting to a message in the text channel #enable-checkpoint-access.

Use Zira to set up role.

z/message <id>
z/normal ✅ @Checkpoint Access

Once the users have the role, they can join the Discord voice channel Checkpoints Voice. This has a limit of 20 people to help keep things easy to manage. When everyone mutes, they will probably mute their microphones, but you will have the ability to right click on their names and server mute them. Only do this if someone is causing issues. Now just chat with the hackers while they join and see if anyone is interested in demoing. I would suggest doing a timer on a phone or tablet so they can hear the timer end sound at the end of the 3 minutes. This helps make things less awkward when you need to interrupt them.